Express Talks

Express Talks

Want to learn even more? Check out Express Talks— quick, 20-minute talks on topics designed to help you implement innovative technology solutions and strategies to move your organization forward.

Express Talks are included with registration and are available on-demand in the event platform during TEC and up to 30 days post-conference!


Session Descriptions

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Automation: Applied Tips and Tricks

Is the term “AI” daunting and elusive? Are you thinking about implementing AI but have no idea where to start? Do you feel like 'artificial intelligence' is a term often thrown around in the industry with not a lot to back it up? In this session, we will demystify the idea of AI and talk about practical applications of AI technology that you can begin experimenting with today.

Erica Salm Rench, MBA, director of customer success,

Data (viz) Science Fair

Organizations across the association space are turning to data visualization for reporting, data exploration, and to generally make sense of their data resources. Through this process organizations are identifying visualizations and dashboards that change the way they think about data. In this Data (Viz) Science Fair we’ll introduce some of the best ideas in the association space to kickstart your creativity and get your association on the road to data informed decision making.  We’ll describe, in rapid fire fashion, the why, how, and the results of each project.  Ideas for using data visualizations in your organization will flow like a baking soda volcano… 

Evan Reid, MPP, data analytics manager, information systems, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
Bill Conforti, senior vice president, strategy & solutions, Association Analytics

Remote Work is Here. Your Association Will Need a Better Office

Many businesses in the technology industry have been managing remote/hybrid/distributed cross-functional teams for a couple of decades. Virtual isn't going to replace in-person, in the office, or at the conference, but virtual is here to stay, and the version of it that endures will be the one that amplifies and extends proven in-person business processes and customer journeys.

In this session, a senior technology executive shares which IT infrastructure choices and management decisions have worked, and which ones haven't for technology teams like his, working together across 7 time zones over the past 14 years.

Derek Rector, founder and CEO, Diamax


Rapid Fire! Top 10 Checklist for Ensuring Content Accessibility

A top-line goal of every website project is ensuring WCAG 2.1 accessibility. Throughout the implementation, there are several accessibility checkpoints to ensure the new site meets the agreed-upon level of compliance. But what is the strategy ongoing? How do we empower our content authors and admins to be proactively considering accessibility after the launch? While organizations will typically run accessibility checkers on an ongoing basis, that doesn't address the needs of your content admins over the long term. This session will provide a rapid-fire, Top 10 Checklist for content admins that can be implemented immediately, ranging from alt text to captioning to content hierarchy and navigation, color and contrast considerations, etc. Our teams have distilled this Top 10 Checklist from delivering accessibility audits and training ranging from associations to global Fortune 500 companies.

Devin Owsley-Aquilia, scrum master, Sandstorm Design, Inc.

Rachael Penfil, UX director, Sandstorm Design, Inc.

Self-Sovereign Identity and Verifiable Credentials for Associations

Self-Sovereign Identity is a new technology that puts users in charge of their own verifiable data. In this model, there are three parties: the issuer of the data, the owner who controls the data, and the verifier that needs to know and verify the data. Associations are in a unique position to be an issuer or a verifier in this new world. In this session, we will cover the basics of SSI and discuss some use cases to get you thinking about new possibilities. For example, organizations that offer continuing education and testing can become a trusted issuer of data. Or perhaps your association can create an ecosystem of trusted organizations that provide verifiable training for professionals. Learn more about SSI and how to get started.

Maki Kato, vice president, Engineering, Matrix Group International, Inc.


Your Members are Mobile… Are You?

Members are spending 5+ hours a day on their mobile devices. 90% of the time is spent using apps. A mobile presence is imperative to reaching your members where they are and attracting new, younger members. This session will demonstrate how associations can use a mobile app and leverage their existing technologies to create a mobile strategy that will provide member retention, new memberships and added member benefit.

Mark Wallach, MBA, manager, Mobile Development, Results Direct


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