Virtual Networking Event

Virtual Networking Event

Get ready for a uniquely interactive networking social event via Airmeet!

During the event, we will offer two different opportunities for attendees to interact with each other – through Speed Networking and through our Social Lounge.

Speed Networking: Speed Networking allows the event participants to network with each other within the given timeframe. Attendees get matched one-on-one based on questions you will answer when you sign in the Airmeet platform. You will engage in quick 5-minute conversations to get to know your colleagues and partners. Participants will get a notification to “Join Networking” from the host when the Speed Networking session has started. 

Social Lounge: The social lounge is the virtual space where event participants can be seated at any table and move across tables. These tables will be used to discuss current industry-related topics while others will include fun icebreakers. Additional tables will also be available to have open dialogue with participants. Discussion topics will be given to attendees at the event!

Get ready to network!

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